Musiker spielen auf Bambus Trompeten im Regen

Musikong Bumbong

Musikong Bumbong

Musikong Bumbong are Filipino marching bands that use woodwind instruments that are made of Bamboo. The shapes and the sizes are similar to brass band instruments but have different sounds.

The musical phenomenon MUSIKONG BUMBONG, which emerged in the Philippines during the active period of the Katipunan, officially known as the Kataastaasang, represents the basis of the project. Kataastaasang or KKK (German: Supreme and Honorable Association of the Children of the Nation) was one Filipino Revolutionary Society founded by anti-Spanish colonialists and Filipinos in Manila in 1892; Their main goal was to gain independence from Spain through a revolution. The marching bands that emerged at this time use hand-made bamboo instruments that imitate Western wind instruments, but use a kazoo as the sound generator.

The Musikong Bumbong project uses these instruments and awards 5 composition commissions to a total of 5 musicians from the Philippines and Germany and presents them in Manila and Hamburg.


Charlotte Simon, co-founder of "MMODEMM" label, known for "Les Trucs" band. Her works include operas, radio plays and theater music.


Michael Barthel, explores themes of protection and home. Uses voice as the exclusive instrument in electro-acoustic and experimental music.


Joee Mejias, Manila-based musician and multimedia artist, co-producer of "WSK" Festival, and co-founder of "HERESY". Blends field recordings, traditional instruments, electronics, and voice.


Pette Shabu, Quezon City's trans rapper and DJ. Known for experimental hip-hop, incorporates Filipino electronic dance genre "Budots" in recent single "BINGO!"


Tintin Patrone, German-Filipino sound artist, founder of "Krachkisten Orchestra", explores music, art, and experimental gesture. Creates temporary communities and delves into artificial life forms.


All composers will craft protest songs for 15 performers. This project bridges historical and contemporary expressions, fostering cross-cultural collaborations.

Transtraditionelle Musik
07.06.2024 | 
Parola Gallery, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
16.06.2024 | 
Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg
  • Tintin Patrone
  • Michael Barthel
  • Joee Mejias
  • Charlotte Simon
  • Pette Shabu