Projektbild Taking Things Apart, Ausland, Künstler:in Liz Kosack
©Liz Kosack - Taking Things Apart (ausland / Berlin 2018) / photo: Dasha Zorkina


The most important requirements for funding are the artistic-musical quality and the innovative strength of the project. 
Regardless of the musical genre, avant-garde concepts are the focus of support. The Musikfonds will not support mainstream projects. 

The funding programs are aimed at professional musicians, composers and sound artists based in Germany.  
Applicants wishing to apply for funding must meet defined basic formal and musical requirements.

If you are unsure whether your planned project falls within the Musikfonds' funding focus, please contact the office before submitting your application.



Applicants must be professionals in the field of contemporary music.


Applicants or applicant organizations must reside or be based in Germany, and the planned project must take place (primarily) in Germany.


Projects for which funding is requested must not have begun at the time of the Board of Trustees' funding decision.


Projects must be presented publicly.


The Musikfonds cannot support projects that receive funding from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) or an institution that receives permanent funding from the BKM. (These include Federal Cultural Foundation - Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Capital Cultural Fund - Hauptstadtkulturfonds, German Music Council - Deutscher Musikrat, Initiative Musik, Performing Arts Fund - Fonds Darstellende Künste, Socio-Cultural Fund - Fonds Soziokultur, etc.).


The Musikfonds supports all genres of contemporary music equally and is open to cross-genre and interdisciplinary approaches. A variety of event and presentation formats are conceivable; artistic experimentation and research are the focus of support. 

Funding focuses on the following genres:

  • Composer Performer/Real Time Music
  • Electronic music (context: experimental club music, electronica)
  • Electronic or electroacoustic music (new music context)
  • Experimental pop, rock, or hip-hop
  • Interdisciplinary (no purely musical formats, including art forms such as dance, literature, photography, etc.)
  • Experimental jazz/improvised music
  • Sound art (installation or exhibition formats) 
  • New Music (classically influenced contemporary music)
  • Transtraditional music
  • Vocal music (including choral music), audio installations and sound art

Music theater projects should be submitted to the Performing Arts Fund

Music projects without a clearly recognizable experimental, professional reference are not in the funding focus of the Musikfonds and have little prospect of being selected.


If you are sure that you meet the formal requirements and that your planned project falls within the Musikfonds’ musical focus, please read the funding principles (Fördervoraussetzungen) and regulations (Förderregularien) and the application guide (Merkblatt zur Antragtsellung) carefully to determine whether your project is eligible for funding.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section. If you have any further questions, the office is available by email and by phone during office hours.

Applications can only be submitted through the online application system.  

Once you have successfully logged in and chosen your disired funding program, on the right-hand side of the application screen you will find the application guide on how to submit an application, tailored to the specific funding round, as well as other useful information.



Information required for the application: