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Black Communion

Black Communion

More than a show, more than a residency, more than a festival. It’s a Communion!

BLACK Communion is the sharing of experiences from the transnational Afro-diaspora, breaking down genre boundaries and encouraging experimentation through collaboration. This event series is a celebration of the connection between artists coming from various backgrounds and creative communities, united by their sonic activism ranging from composition to improvisation and sound art practices.

Empowering all, expanding the reach of our cultures through the sharing of our aural expression, entangling conventions with unexpected interventions. Enriching each individual artist as well as the audience in attendance.

Welcome, to BLACK Communion.

Elektronische Musik (Electronica)
Konzert(e) + Tonträger-Produktion
25.04.2024 - 26.04.2024 | 
Morphine Raum, Berlin
30.05.2024 - 31.05.2024 | 
Morphine Raum, Berlin
27.06.2024 - 28.03.2024 | 
Morphine Raum, Berlin
  • Astan Ka
  • Jwords
  • Eiliyas
  • Infinite Livez
  • Leila Bencharnia
  • Dudù Kouatè
  • Savanna Morgan
  • Robert Machiri
  • Afrorack